Search engine optimization, also called SEO, may sound exhausting, time-consuming, and highly technical—left only to a keyword research pro.  

But it’s actually pretty straightforward. 

It’s all about using the right keywords to make your website more visible and rank higher on search engine results pages (SERPs). 

Basically, you need to become a Google whisperer. 

You probably already know the importance of keyword research—but are you using your results effectively? 

Let’s make sure you’re hitting all the marks to get the eyes of search engines and customers on your website. In this article, I’ll share some seo consultant insider tips on optimizing your content like a true keyword research pro.

The Quick Method to Place Keywords Like A Keyword Research Pro

If you scour the internet, you’re bound to find lengthy lists of all the ways you can do SEO and keyword research for your website. 

Every keyword research pro or SEO guru has their own insights and hours of YouTube content on the subject. 

But really, there’s a quick way to dive into keyword research without the fuss.

Enter the FOCUS HERE Method

Woman at laptop brainstorming keyword ideas like a keyword research proIt’s a straightforward blueprint designed to make anyone a keyword research pro in no time. 

FOCUS HERE Method to Keyword Research

Instead of sifting through heaps of data, the FOCUS HERE Method keeps things simple. 

First & Last: Begin your story with the keyword and end with it. This means placing your keyword in the title and the introductory paragraph and wrapping up your content with it. This strategic placement tells search engines about your content’s primary focus.

On-page Categories: Use the categories feature in your CMS to your advantage. It’s a nifty tool every keyword research pro should utilize for primary and secondary keywords.

Copy: Sprinkling keywords throughout your content is essential, but ensure they blend seamlessly. After all, you’re primarily writing for your readers. Keyword integration should be an art, and that’s what makes you a keyword research pro.

URL: This isn’t merely a digital address but an SEO opportunity. Embed your keyword to make the link meaningful.

Site Title: Reflect the essence of your content in the site title. Including the keyword here is a move every keyword research pro swears by.

Headings and Subheadings: Apart from structuring your content, these are prime spots for your keywords. Their prominence ensures better visibility to search engines.

Extra Meta: The meta description is your content’s elevator pitch. A keyword-rich meta can boost click-through rates, something every keyword research pro knows.

Resource Tags: Similar to on-page categories, tags accentuate the relevance of your keywords.

Element Images: Alt-text in images isn’t just for accessibility; it’s an SEO tool. By embedding keywords here, you ensure search engines grasp the image’s context.


What about keyword density?

The idea of ‘keyword density’ refers to the number of times a keyword appears in your content compared to the overall word count. 

While in my case, I feel like one can never have too many fountain pens or Disney vacations…there is such a thing as too many keywords. 

If you stuff your content with too many keywords, it can hurt your SEO efforts. 

seo strategy quoteInstead of cramming keywords into your content, plan a content marketing strategy for SEO that blends keywords naturally into your writing. 

Work With A Keyword Research Pro 

If you’ve ever wondered, “Why all this fuss about keywords?” it’s because, in the digital age, keywords are the breadcrumbs that bring search engines to your door…and with them, searching customers. 

Take the FOCUS HERE method for a spin and bring traffic, customers, and sales to you.

But, if you’re looking for a speedier way to get started with SEO, work with a keyword research pro and get tailored SEO consulting. As an SEO expert, I’m here to help you navigate the world of keyword optimization and bring in a sea of traffic to your website. 

Let’s turn those Google searchers into your customers together! Contact me to learn about my SEO services at to get started.