So, recently, I was invited to an SEO services client’s team party. I was honored to be included after working with this local client for 3 years as their freelance SEO strategist. It was on the top outdoor deck of a local World of Beer—a balmy 50 F. I won’t lie. It was cold, my beer was cold, and my hand holding my beer was cold, but my heart was warm.

The camaraderie between the 79 employees and senior team members was infectious.

The smiles.

The workplace jokes.

The general feeling of belonging.

It made me almost miss the full-time work environment—almost.

Flying Solo as a Freelance SEO Strategist

The truth is that being a solopreneur can be lonely.

It’s not even so much that I work from home, sitting in an office on my own, with nothing but the Amazon package delivery to interrupt me.

(I’m pretty good with no commute.)

It’s the feeling of not belonging—of not having workplace peers I can go to when business or personal highs need to be celebrated.

(Or lows need to be mourned.)

And that leads to reflection, introspection, and uncertainty.

Overcoming Self-Doubt as an SEO Freelancer

I’ve had plenty of moments of self-doubt this year—and all the years of my business as a freelance SEO strategist. I’m constantly asking myself:

  • Does what I do matter?
  • Am I good enough?
  • Can I really compete with larger agencies?
  • Am I making a difference?
  • Is working alone worth it?

But then, I remember why I chose this path—it’s:

  • The freedom to make my own choices and decisions.
  • The flexibility to work on projects that interest me.
  • The ability to take time off when needed—without having to ask my boss for permission.

And most importantly, it’s the satisfaction of seeing my hard work directly impact my clients’ businesses.

And I’m not doing this entirely alone. Others see what I’m doing.

A Message That Changed My Perspective


A quote about freelance seo strategist Beth Chernes

One day, in the middle of the grind of my normal workday, I received an unexpected message from an amazing freelancer I collaborate with who has been thinking of freelancing full-time.

“Beth, I want you to know your business success has inspired me to get back to building mine. So, thank you for that!”

Oh, snap.

Self-doubt evaporated.

Self-confidence recharged.

We may not realize it, but we’re probably all inspiring someone. And I’m thankful for those who inspire me as a freelance SEO strategist, entrepreneur, and human.

  • My digital marketing mentor/friend who selflessly shares knowledge and support.
  • My WordPress wizard husband—who graciously answers my random questions.
  • My Junior League friends and their passion for helping our community.
  • My kids—who look at the world with curiosity and creativity.
  • My parents, who gave me the best life.
  • My clients and customers—who give me neverending trust in my skills and insights.

(Heck, I’m also grateful for the newsletter subscribers who keep opening my emails!)

Truth be told, you never know how you make a difference in someone’s life.

Embracing the Solopreneur Journey of a Freelance SEO Strategist

Beth Chernes Freelance SEO Strategist typing on her computer behind the scenesAs a freelance SEO strategist, I’ve learned to accept the uncertainty, solitude, and challenges of being a solopreneur.

But most of all, I’ve learned to appreciate the moments of connection, community, and inspiration that fuel my journey. And for that, I am grateful.

So, here’s to all the fellow freelancers out there—you are not alone in your journey.

Today, I’m embracing gratitude for amazing people and unexpected words that remind me I’m on the right path.

The Gift of Giving Back: Sharing SEO Insights

As we tread this path together, one thing I’ve come to understand is that growth thrives on knowledge sharing. And I’ve gained so much from those who have generously shared their insights with me, and I want to pay it forward.

That’s why I love working with clients who are open to learning about SEO and understanding how it works the way it does.

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