How do you create content that’s valued by your clients and also considered SEO friendly content writing for the search engines? To nail both of these goals, you need to look at your SEO strategy and at what your clients are thinking. Let’s talk about the importance of listening for SEO writing.

When creating content, listening and understanding your client is critical. How can you create relevant and clickable content if you don’t know your target audience?

The secret of making sure that all your content gets the attention it deserves and directs traffic to you is listening to your clients and customers.

Client-Focused Keyword Research

Your SEO keyword research should always begin with thinking about what your client is thinking. Basically, ask yourself, “What would your ideal client put into the Google search bar to get to the content you’re creating?” A client-first focus in keyword research will help direct you to the terms that are both suited for SEO friendly content writing and also solve your client’s problem or answer their question.

Don’t Do What Facebook Did

It’s essential to know your audience and what they want when rolling out new SEO content writing, such as blog articles and newsletters.


A man pressing a happy face button when thinking about if his blog is SEO friendly content writing


Making assumptions can create disinterested (or angry) customers. For example, Facebook encountered this problem with the new design to its interface.

Facebook users gave negative (and hateful) feedback about the new design.

This begs the question, did Facebook ask their audience what they wanted?

Stay Committed To Every Client

When you listen to your customers, you may not always get the feedback you want to hear. And that’s ok. You want that too.

An opportunity to have a conversation with a customer is an opportunity to build a relationship. But, how you respond is also critical.The secret to SEO friendly content writing is to listen to the problems of your customer with an open mind and desire to act

A recent study by TCN showed that 72% of Americans would abandon a brand after one poor customer service experience.

Don’t give your leads and clients a bad experience. Listen to their problems with an open mind and desire to act. Show them you are committed to them.

Connect With Your Audience

The secret to valuable SEO, friendly content writing is simple: listen to your clients.

But keep in mind that listening isn’t just about reading reviews. It’s more than that.

Listening is about connecting with your clients and understanding their desires, wants, and needs. Listening is learning how you can help them achieve their goals.

The Secret To Customer Loyalty

The word secret uncovered under a ripped imageWhat is the key to customer loyalty?

For example, is it discounts, viral videos, or free swag?

While all those are nice perks, the key to customer loyalty is listening to and responding to their feedback.

Great Content Requires Great Listening

Content marketing focuses on creating relevant, valuable, and consistent content to attract and retain a clearly defined audience.

But how can you create content if you don’t know what your audience wants?

Listening to your clients is the key to effective content marketing.

Content marketing is one of the most effective marketing strategies today, but it requires getting to know your audience. Most importantly, once you connect with your audience, you can create content they want, and they’ll trust you.

Well-executed content marketing can position you as a trusted brand, and people are more likely to buy from brands they trust.

Keep Them Coming Back For More

Try new ways to communicate and listen to your audience. Use surveys, social media polls, or direct messages—whatever works best for your business and can help you understand your clients.

If you do these things, you will be able to:

  • Keep your audience on your page.
  • Keep them liking your content.
  • Keep them coming back to you.

But how do you do this? Start with listening.

Above all, don’t put off creating valuable content to attract customers!

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