Let’s face it, whether we’re talking with our friends about our favorite restaurant, dentist, or shopping brand—collective word of mouth significantly impacts the reputations and bottom lines of businesses of all sizes. What’s changed over time is technology (hey there, internet & social media!) has given everyone the power to communicate with thousands A team of three women look at laptops developing employee marketing strategies.instantly. So, when they love your brand (or loathe your brand)—they can channel it. Employee marketing strategies recognize this collective power and encourage employees to become “brand ambassadors” and help spread the word.

But, surprisingly, many companies often overlook the role employees can play in influencing the customers they’re trying to connect with. But, when employees speak—customers listen. So, here are three ways you can turn your team into a marketing machine.

1.     Communicate the vision. 

Communicate the vision for employeesMake sure your employees understand the value you’re providing to your customers. That means boldly explaining your company’s vision and mission to your employees. Be clear about where they fit in your culture and the big picture, and help them see how their roles contribute to the overall success of your brand. Employees who feel important are more likely to be cheerleaders for your services.


2.     Encourage employees to share content. 

Marketers highly prize UGC (user-generated content) because it’s authentic, engaging, and often more relatable than polished marketing campaigns. Inspire your employees to share posts about their work or create a venue for your team members to share on the company blog. Even just recognizing their individual social posts (and reposting) can go a long way. Find a way that celebrates their efforts and them. 


3.         Provide social media guidelines. 

Encourage your employees to share, but give them the do’s and don’t’s of doing so. No one wants a SNAFU on their hands. There may be a specific brand language you want them to follow or topics to avoid discussing. Clear social media guidelines not only protect your brand’s image but also empowers your employees to confidently share their positive experiences as part of your team.


When employees love waht they do they're excited to share their experiencesEmbrace New Employee Marketing Strategies

When employees love what they do, they’re excited to share their experiences with others—and that’s exactly what customers want to hear about. It’s time to amp up your employee marketing strategies and turn your team into an unstoppable marketing machine.


Do you enjoy seeing contact from company employees? Are there any brands you follow that do this well? Let me know!