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Content Marketing & SEO Black Friday Deals

SEO Black Friday Deals and Content marketing Cyber Monday Specials
WELCOME TO THE SEO Black Friday Deals

Black Friday Guide To Easily Boosting Your Website Traffic and Sales

Beth Chernes Copy & Strategy

Limited time 50% off
Friday, November 23 – Monday, November 27
Content Planning Playbook

Churning out content with no success?

Say goodbye to throwing money at marketing efforts that aren’t working!

Most small business owners and freelancers miss the boat entirely when it comes to planning and creating their content…but not me! After years of hands-on roles in content marketing, I’ve figured out the easiest way to create a content strategy that fixes all your marketing problems to get the right eyes on you.

Coleen C
Beth is a subject matter expert on the intersection of mission and positioning, our organization benefited not only from her technical expertise but her supportive mentoring style and leadership. I recommend her without a moments hesitation.

Natalie R
Beth created communications systems and tools to streamline our workflow in our start-up environment.

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Content is king
In fact, 81% of marketers view content as a core business strategy.
Leads that cost less
Content marketing generates over 3x as many leads as outbound marketing and costs 62% less.
Stay ahead of the competition
Only 7% of B2B marketers don’t plan to develop a content marketing strategy.

Meet the Content Planning Playbook
The Content Planning Playbook is the ultimate framework for you to plan, design, and create irresistible content that your customers can’t help but share.

This easy-to-follow workbook guides you through five building blocks founded on my years of consulting, observation, and proven results in digital marketing.

Nail your content marketing goals and get results.
Get clarity on where to spend your money on marketing.
Confidently produce content your customers want.

When completed, Content Planning Playbook will help you nail down your content marketing goals and map out a straightforward way to reach them. No more producing content or running ads that don’t convert!

Get content planning playbook & kiss your marketing woes goodbye!
Black Friday $17
Regular Price: $34 • savings of $17

Limited time 50% off
Friday, November 23 – Monday, November 27

Free Traffic Fast Track
Ready to unlock an unstoppable magnet for free traffic?

Fact: Creating high-ranking SEO content might feel intimidating, but it’s really not that tricky. I developed a proven process to shoot to the top of Google and turned it into quick-fix training that will transform your content into a magnet for free traffic from customers. Think of it as the ultimate fixer for all your traffic problems.
Teresa W.
Beth’s ingenuity, attention to detail, and positive attitude made working with her a breeze and a joy. We relied heavily upon her detailed writing and her extensive knowledge of digital marketing and the deployment of data analytics. I would recommend working with Beth.

Wonetha H.
I have worked with Beth on a few Marketing projects for the last three years. Her work ethic, attention to detail, and natural understanding of what a company needs to take the next step for success are rare qualities to find.
Sara W.
Beth has supported my content writing needs for years. She’s become an expert on my clients’ industry to ensure that the content is not only relevant but also resonates with the target audience.
SEO is your sales gateway
68% of online experiences begin with a search engine.
Higher-ranking = Higher traffic
On the first page alone, the first five organic results account for 67.6% of all the clicks.
This is the Free Traffic Fast Track
I’ve loaded the Free Traffic Fast Track with four cornerstone modules, teaching you how to plan, write, and optimize your content for search engines. No fluff, just actionable material to get your content ranking higher in search engines and attracting valuable leads—for FREE! I’ve also included a bunch of useful templates and other shortcuts to help you speed through the most time-consuming parts.
No more struggling to learn all the SEO and tech terms.
No more confusion about how to get on the 1st page of Google.
No more wasting time creating content that doesn’t pull in leads
Just you, your plan, and predictable processes and templates you can use again and again to create exactly what can get your content shooting to the top of Google.
Get Free Traffic Fast Track now & say hello to content that brings sales!
Black Friday $39
Regular Price: $79 • savings of $40
Limited time 50% off
Friday, November 23 – Monday, November 27
DFY SEO Quickstart Bundle

Done-for-you SEO Quickstart Bundle
Why buy the clicks when you can get them for free?
It’s pretty clear these days—if you’re not on the first page of Google, you’re basically invisible. But to reach that spot involves starting SEO—which can be expensive, complicated, time-consuming, and super boring. Instead of putting off SEO, I’ve got the answer to make it easy, doable, and less boring.
Bennie L.
We’ve seen year-over-year web traffic growth. Beth’s digital marketing expertise helped elevate our website.
Renee F.
Beth is an excellent writer and knows the importance of SEO. She took the time to understand our business and helped our SEO strategy.
Troy H.
Beth provided thoughtful feedback on our web design layout to best attract customers. She took the time to understand our business and was easy to work with every step of the way.
SEO Traffic > Social Traffic
SEO drives 1,000%+ more traffic than organic social media.
Google Ads can be expensive
The average price per click of a Google Ad is $1 to $2. The price per click of an organic search result is $0.
Say hello to the SEO Quickstart Bundle – DFY
The SEO Quickstart Bundle is expert keyword research and strategy. You’ll get an in-depth report with a list of 100 of the best keywords handpicked for your business—plus an easy-to-use template to do SEO updates on your website. No need for guesswork about what keywords to use or where they go! As a professional SEO consultant and copywriter, I’ve helped countless businesses double and triple their FREE organic traffic through my expertise and SEO strategy.
Detailed keyword research into the best keywords for your business based on your customer needs, competitors, and industry.
Comprehensive research report with 100 of the best keywords for your website and expert suggestions on how to best use these keywords on your website.
SEO DIY Template and video walkthrough for simplified steps to make SEO updates to your website.

Put your website to work and get customers for Free. (spots are limited)
Black Friday $497
Regular Price: $998 • savings of $501

Content & SEO Black Friday Deals Just for You

Hey there! I’m Beth, and I’ve got something cool for you this Black Friday.

If you’re tired of guessing how to get more people to your website and make sales, I’ve got just the thing. From November 23 to 27, 2023, I’m cutting prices in half on limited edition SEO Black Friday deals and Content Marketing Cyber Monday specials.

Each offer is jam-packed with expert insights and actionable items, so you get real results.

I’ve been doing SEO consulting and content marketing for years, and I know how to make strategies that actually work to get the right people looking at your stuff.

What’s included?

  • Content Planning Playbook, just $17 during the sale, will show you how to make content that people can’t stop sharing.
  • Free Traffic Fast Track? It’s all about getting you seen on Google without paying for ads. Grab it for $39 and start getting free customers!
  • Want SEO done for you? SEO Quickstart Bundle for $497 will give you all the best SEO keywords to use and where to put them. (No more head-scratching! Let’s get your website bringing in the leads—without spending tons on ads. But hurry, I’ve only got a few spots open on this!

Check out the Catalog and see what SEO Black Friday deals or Content Marketing Cyber Monday specials are right for you!